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For recent versions of qemu, kvm and kernel this doesn't seem to work anymore. The new prefered way for doing passthrough is using VFIO, which is still in development. Once I'll have more time, I'll be testing it and hopefully post a new guide.  06 July 2013 The problem was Microsoft… Secure boot was enabled in the latest ISOs and the motherboard’s UEFI version didn’t had support for it. Updating to the latest UEFI version fixed the problems and it’s working almost the same (using Archlinux). 17 September 2013

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DEPRECATED Fedora 17 guide


  1.  Crysis worked just fine up until the last level where there is a known DX10 memory leak, after switching to DX9 there were no other problems.
  2. Battlefield 3 goes into a loop after it starts. Can't tell if it's the game's fault or a passthrough issue.
  3. Shogun 2 sofar has worked without any problems, but I haven't played that much yet. I finished it in January, there was a very nice bug that gaved me a lot of money :)) but other that there were no problems.
  4. CoD 5 World at War after fixing UEFI
  5. Call of Duty Black Ops 2

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  1. Looking forward to a possible new guide! :)
    Do you know which qemu/kvm/kernel versions were compatible with your current guide?


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